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Driver picks the music....

So, I've been watching Supernatural for a year or so now, I started all the way back at the beginning, and to be honest, I haven't completely caught up, but....hey! No big!
Anywho, thing is, I really like this show. Like, really love it.

The Fandom?, so-so.

Why is that, you may ask?

Because if you are a Dean-girl or a Sam-girl, typically (not always, but for the most part) your point of view is highly skewed in favor of your preferred brother.

Now, see, here's the thing. Both guys are great character's with top notch actors who do a really great job at making their characters real. Unfortunately, according to the fandom, one is "more human" or "too-perfect" or whatever ever other reason they have to prefer one to the other, that, frankly come down to one thing.

The way they relate to the character....or sex-appeal, but I'd like to think that people aren't that annoyingly shallow.

Look, simple fact is, I'm guilty of it sometimes to, mainly because I feel the need to constantly defend Dean from Sam-girls. Why? Because I understand Dean. I'm the oldest child, and I've always tried to take care of my brothers. Thankfully, I'm no where near as emotionally dependent on my family as Dean is, because as much as I love them, and I know they love me, they'd rip me to piece in a heart beat. They wouldn't mean to, but that's just the way life works. But like I said, I understand Dean. I understand his personality, his (poorly) hidden self-esteem issues, the way he enjoys simple things like food, sex, and magic-finger beds. I get this, and I hate when people want to paint Sam as the poor misunderstood puppy dog, and Dean as the selfish-egocentric misogynist. It's annoying.
Is Dean perfect? Hell no! He doesn't handle his emotions well, he's trigger happy, he does sleep around a lot, and he's so dependent on his family that I seriously hope, for his own sake, that he dies before Sam does.
With all that said, he's still a good guy, who's been through a lot, and grown a lot, and is very human.

And Sam? To be honest, I don't understand Sam. He's supposed to be the smart one, but he's obsessed with an illusion (normalcy) and despite bitching for three seasons about John Winchester and how crappy his childhood was, he turns around and craps all over his relationship with his brother in season 4 for the same reason John "ruins" his childhood. What reason is that? Revenge. Sam's a smart guy, in fact, he's widely regarded, in the show, as the "smart one" and yet he chooses to trust a demon?
Okay, look, I learned three things about demons in season 1 and Sam has supposedly been exposed to this stuff since he was nine, okay. There's no excuse for him not knowing that

1.Demons lie
2.Demons tell just enough truth for the lie to be believable and
3.Demons never do anything unless there is something in it for them.

Seriously, it's not rocket science. And yeah, I'm pretty sure that Meg was an exception, but dude, she said it herself, being sort of good just sucked. She probably had some big evil scheme up her sleeves and then found that she really liked her unicorn. But that's not the point here. The point is, yeah, I like Sam, and I hate when people mindlessly bash him, but I don't really have an over-flowing of sympathy for the guy.

To be completely honest, as much as I would like for there to be an episode where Sam actually realizes who his brother is under the swaggering and BSing, I don't think it's even possible for an episode like that to exist. I mean, no matter what happens, Sam will never be able to really understand what his brother's been through, and vice versa. Why? Well, because they are very different people with very different views and experiences.

Now, to be fair, I don't think Dean does a stellar job of connecting with Sam either, but at the same time, I give him points for knowing what Sam needs, even if he doesn't always understand it. Trust me, the two are not mutually inclusive. I speak from personal experience here. The simple fact is, we all watch this show because of Sam-and-Dean, not Sam, not Dean, Sam and Dean. Together. Seriously. The show is better when it's both of them, and not Soulless!Sam, either. Sammy. And btw, I get that Sam want's to be "Sam" and not "Sammy" but dude, no matter what, Dean is always going to see "my little brother, Sammy" when he looks at Samsquatch, and not "Sam, big and tall" or "Sam, normal (yet freakishly tall) guy", or even "Sam, hunter/geek". My little brother is taller than me. He's still "my little brother" and when he finally tops out (I'm counting on the little bastard hitting 6'4") he'll still be "my little brother". My other little brother is still shorter than me. I figure he'll start growing like a weed in two to three years. When he get's taller than me (please make 6', please make 6') and is built like a damn tank (he's stocky, and I mean, literally, he's not fat, he's got a small, evenly proportioned frame that, when he gets older and loses the softness that kids have, he will be shoe-in for linebacker) he will still be "my little brother". It's a big sister thing. I held your squalling body, I've cleaned up after you (insert mess here), I've tied shoes, held jeans, helped with home work, teased, and occasionally (read, really good days) I've lounged on the couch eating junk and watching crap telly with you. You are my little brothers, and even when you aren't little physically, it still won't matter. Part of me will always look at you and see a cute, chubby little kid with big eyes that liked stealing my food for some unknown reason. (actually, they still do that, little mooches!)
So yeah, I think Sam should just except the inevitable and learn to live with it. It sucks for him, I'm sure, but it's a fact he really doesn't want to change because if it does, it will mean that Dean doesn't care anymore.

Which, btw, am I the only one who felt that Dean telling Sam that if he left, not to come back in season 4 was actually him saying "I can't keep doing this, it hurts, and I can't take anymore"? Because everyone is pissed off at Dean about "doing what John did" and yeah, given what happened it was a crappy choice, but still. I just saw it as Dean finally reaching that point where he just couldn't do it any more. Sam kept walking out, kept choosing Ruby, kept lying to Dean and hurting him, and Dean just kept trying to help him, while still trying to recover from being in Hell and honestly, it seemed to me like he just gave up there. I'm not saying the wording, or the decision was right, but I do think it's understandable. But maybe that's just because I'm a "dean girl"

Actually, I personally consider myself to be a Bobby-girl....because somebody needs to be there to smack them upside the head for being "idjits!".

Love to all,
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There is nothing either Good or Bad but thinking makes it so....

So. First things first, I guess.
My sister is dating a guy that I'm pretty sure is playing with her. Of course, I don't have any real proof. Sinking feelings in one's stomach hardly count, nor does the fact that he find pick-up artists fascinating. Creepy as that is, it's not really proof.
Guess I should explain.
My sister, who isn't actually related to me at all, in any form or fashion, tends to date assholes. Well, technically she dates people she'd be friends with, but as most of her friends are sarcastic jerks, well....suffice to say my description fits well.
Up until roughly a month ago, she was dating this guy that I'll call Bottom (like the character from A Midsummer's Night's Dream). Not a bad guy, but a bit of an idiot, and like a lot of guys, when he was upset he would emotionally withdraw. This left the door open for her new Boyfriend, whom I shall refer to as Wickham, to make a move.
Now, please keep in mind that I consider both men to be friends.
Apparently Wickham moved in with my sister (who shall be named Hero, after the Character from Much Ado About Nothing) and her family because there was no work where he lived. Bottom says that Wickham lived within drive distance of four decent sized cities and made the move maliciously in order to steal fair Hero.
Regardless of the validity of this statement, the end result is clear.
She and Bottom are no longer dating, instead, she is now dating good sir Wickham.
Despite the fact that this has all come to pass, Bottom is still quite besotted and believes that she will end up hurt. The two continue to beat their chest and roar at each other over her and frankly it's annoying.
Of course, I am loathe to accept the words of either man as to the other's behavior. They're both idiots and I have no desire to be dragged into this. While I may consider them friends, Hero is my sister, and they are both replaceable.
What worries me is Wickham. I know, at the moment, that she's happy. But they've been dating for a short time, and loathe though I am to point it out, every time she begins to date someone new, she swears that she's never been treated so well, and she's so happy. To be honest, I don't think Hero really knows how to just be Hero, without being in a relationship. She's a sweet girl, and very attractive, and thus is never single long. None-the-less, Wickham has made comments that....bother me.
For example, when I pointed out the neanderthal fight between himself and Bottom, he said, "I already won that game. And I always will win" He's expressed a great deal of interest in pick-up artists, and honestly he creeps me out a little.
It's amazing that there are people that I can be friends with, who creep me out, but there you have it.
The source of my discomfort comes from the fact that, in spite of the fact that I live over 9 hours away (by train) he attempted to pursue a relationship.....never mind the fact that we had only known each other for all of two days. He told me he'd never felt this way about any one before.
I suppose it's also important to mention that, several years back, he lost his girlfriend in an accident (which he himself was also in). He told me all about it within hours of meeting. He mentions it constantly. I know it had to have been traumatic, but he brought it up constantly! At least three times the day we met, and thanks to when my train came in, that was only a 12 hour period. Four times the next day, possibly five, and 3 the day I left. He brought her, and past sexual relations (wtf?!) up several times in text conversations. After two or three weeks of texting, I think he finally got the message that I wasn't interested in ever finding out whether there was any hope for "us" (Til God make men of some other metal than earth, I'll none.) and gave up flirting. Thank God, he's much more entertaining now....or he was until he started dating Hero. Now he's just pushing my buttons. And the bastard knows it too.
Meanwhile Bottom says he is trying to better himself. When he's not pursuing that agenda, he's doing idiotic things, like drinking too much, and just generally making an ass of himself in front of darling Hero.

Truth be told, I never like the people she dates. As people, they're fine, and they aren't half bad as friends, but as I said, her friends are all sarcastic jerks, so too are her boyfriends.
Honestly, I don't think it's too much to ask for her to find a Mr. Bingley. You know, some one nice, like her. Some one who's actually a good person. Maybe some one more like Priestly, from Ten Inch Hero. A little crazy, but sweet. A good guy. Some one who will actually treat her properly. I know she's not perfect, but her faults tend to be the better ones that people can have. She's a bit of a slob, and spends entirely too much money on other people, she's constantly taking in strays, and she forgets things a lot, and if it isn't physically attached to her there's a good chance she'll lose it, but she's a good person. Is it too much to ask for her boyfriend to be one as well?

That aside, I'm officially enrolled in the local technical college. I need to follow up with Financial aid about some paperwork next week, and buy, or rent, the text books for my classes, but beyond that....
I'm not exactly thrilled. To be honest, I hate how important these degrees are. If you want even a half-way decent job you have to have a degree, but I've met people with Bachelor and Master degrees and absolutely no common sense. They have no idea how to do their job, their nothing more than highly-educated idiots! And that's a horribly mean thing to say but it's the honest truth! For all their education, they're still idiots. It's like ACTs and SATs. A person can do great on those and still be dumb as dirt. Or they can do abysmal and yet still be highly intelligent. I don't understand why people put so much emphasis on something that's been proven to be a poor indicator of intelligence. That said there's a lot I don't understand.
I don't understand why people believe what they read, but only if it fits their pre-conceived notions (most of which are formed by things they've read that may or may not be true). I don't understand why people have to be pigeon-holed into categories, and sub-categories. (Christian, Methodist/Baptist/Episcopal as an example). And I certainly don't understand why people have to be offended by everything! I've seen women get offended because a man won't hold the door open, I've seen women get offended is a man does hold a door open, I've seen people get offended because of a joke some one told, or the way some one looks at them. Mean while, I'm just trying to figure out what the big deal is! Are they really that childish? Personally, I find it offensive that there are people willing to pander to these offended individuals because it's pathetic! You're offended that some one didn't hold the door open? Then be a better person and hold it open for some one else. You're offended that they did hold it open, get over it. It's not that they don't think you can open it yourself, it's because they actually have good manners. They'd probably hold that door open for a guy too. Didn't like the joke? Say so, and move on. And some one looked at you the wrong way? Seriously? what makes you so sure they're looking at you and not, say, off in their own little world?

And then, there's me. Happy in my life, but in need of a good rant now and then. I can't thank you all enough for putting up with it. I'm currently in the process of re-organizing my belongings (no small task, I tell you) and getting rid of clothes I don't wear any more. My birthday's coming up soon. I hope to spend it with my family on a beach somewhere. With pie instead of cake. and really good cheese burgers.

I hope you all are having good lives. That Fate has been kind to you and yours.
Love to all,
Need a bigger closet

Not this time....

No. Absolutely not! I will smack you both if you do this to me again!

So, my mother, now married all of three months is already experiencing marital problems. This is in some ways normal. Expected even. But I'm dead serious when I say that if they get a divorce, I'm gone.

Let me just be honest here, I've only just gotten over the crap I was put through when she and my dad got divorced. Once upon a time, I was a fairly nice, polite individual with only occasional out-burst of sarcasm. Now? I'm a cynical, sarcastic bitch with eyebrows that may as well be permanently tattooed into high arches that show my disdain.

I've gotten a bit better though, so all joking aside, I actually feel as though I have accomplished something here in regards to my parents.

But I'm not doing this again.




I've already talked to my Granma. I can live with her. And my Dad? He'd love for me to come out there. Plus, I really wouldn't mind taking on more hours in order to be able to afford my own place. I have options. Lots of Americans have worked multiple jobs and gone to school, many them with spouses and children. How hard could it be to do it while single and childless? Do I want to do that? Of course not.

But I will. I'd sooner try to shave my legs with broken glass than go through that crap again.

In other news, my sister wants me to come up for her birthday and to go see a Broadway production of the Phantom of the Opera with her. I've already decided to talk to my boss about it, and to start setting aside money for the trip. With any luck, I'll be able to make it. I really want to go, more to see her than anything else, much as I love The Phantom.

Also, I plan on start Culinary courses at my local tech college. If nothing else, it's a marketable skill. Actually, I kind of want to open a real European style bakery in my area. I miss the cakes we used to get in Germany, with the cream and the fruit and the marzipan and chocolate....
And the pretzel. Screw Annie's! German pretzels are fantastic, especially with butter and butter-kasse, or butter cheese. It's amazing.

God I miss that!

Anyway, with all of my thought off my chest, I'm going to say thank you, one and all, for actually putting up with me.


Anxiously awaiting......

Summer. Yes, summer, because I just can't stand being cold.
Although actually, the weather has been fairly nice here in the south-eastern coastal US. I'm no longer forced to wear three jackets in the morning.

No, but seriously, I'm ready for summer! I mean, sure, the humidity can kill, but the beach is always fairly nice, and there are ways to beat the heat. If nothing else, spring needs to hurry up.

In other news, I'm going to see a ballet tonight. The Columbia City Ballet's production "Snow White". I'm really looking forward to it! I love ballet....actually, I love live theater in general. My sister is trying to convince me to try out for Guildhall, but every time she almost manages it, my need for detail acts up and reminds me that they only have 26 spots, that I have no training or background in theater (we moved a lot during my childhood, and I was home schooled) and that I have no viable way to fund this insanity.
What can I say? In this, I am a stereotypical Virgo. My back-up plans have back-up plans.

In other news, I finally finished reading the original Percy Jackson series. Yes, I know, I'm behind, but the simple fact of the matter is that my library didn't have all the books and the ones they did have were incredibly popular. Anyway, read them, loved them, but I have a question. Am I the only one who pictures Percy as having longer hair? I'm serious! I've looked at the fan-art and all, no body seems to picture him the same way I do, which is frustrating. Because I kind of pictured him as looking a bit like Greece from Axis Powers Hetalia (ironic, no?) but with black hair instead of brown and sans funny cow lick.
For those of you not familiar with the character of Greece, here's a picture.
I'm serious here though! I kind of pictured Percy as a surfer boy, with wavy hair and a pretty good tan. Why? I don't really know. I mean, yeah, he's Poseidon's kid (and isn't that awesome?) but I think it's more because of his thought process. Everything relates back to the water, he's got a great sense of humor, and he's pretty relaxed. Yeah, he's fighting monsters and saving the world, but he doesn't think he's a big deal and he's going to crack jokes while doing it.
Plus, I just really like when a guy can pull off that look.

I'm going to be honest though, Athena ticks me off, and she always has. I could never understand just where the wisdom was in Medusa, Arachne, and the Golden Apple debacle. She flys off the handle an awful lot, and of course, she never acknowledges that she may have made a mistake. Of course, most of the Olympians don't, but they're not the personification of Wisdom either. Out of all of them, I really think Hestia is the best. She's the first and the last, and the only one that actually has any sense of modesty. Why couldn't she be the ruler of the gods?

I do love Poseidon though. I'd also really love to be his kid, but then you'd never get me out of the water.

I can't say that I have a favorite character, because by the end of the books, I kind of felt like they were my best friends. To be honest, I'm kind of scared to read the new Percy Jackson books, because I know that more characters will die, and that those that don't die are going to be damaged even more. They just can't seem to catch a break. That's the one problem that I have with book series like this, because they've already been through so much, and they don't even get a chance to rest upon their laurels, literally, in this case.

It's like, we've defeated the Empire and made an alliance with the remainder of it, but instead of being able to enjoy a few years of peace, we're suddenly attacked by an alien race we didn't even know existed! Yes, Star Wars reference, but the point is still applicable! I mean, I really want Percy and Annabeth to get their happy ending. I want little seaweed brains and little wise girls running around. Why? Because I'm a sucker for happy endings. And because I think Percy would make an awesome Dad. But I digress. Hopefully I'll get the chance to read the new books soon, and I'll be able to get on and sob about it, and you can just ignore it if you want. I just had a few minutes and thought I'd update.

OH! Also, I'm on youtube! I have a few videos up, so you can check those out.

Love to all,

p.s. The Clash of the Titans, okay movie, awesome soundtrack! Seriously!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

First things first....Peter Jackson, you are a cruel, cruel man. You take a trilogy (which is technically six books, and intended to be published as 1 book) and make three movies. You take one book, which was only ever one small book, and make three movies. Need I say more?

Whining about Jackson's decision to make the Hobbit a trilogy aside, the movie was good. Martin Freeman was fantastic as Bilbo, absolutely fantastic. I adored his expressions and mannerism, especially when during Riddles in the Dark. Seriously, the expression on his face when Gollum says he's going to eat Bilbo if he loses the riddle game is great and I love the very dead-pan way he responds.

Problems? Oh yeah, a few. They added all sorts of things that weren't needed. Granted, they're turning a single book into three movies, but that doesn't make it any less true. Also, spiders....was not expecting to see them until the next movie.
Technically, you don't see them fully, but it was still freaky. I hate spiders. Tolkien helped me deal with this fear not at all. The man seems to have had some horrible preoccupation with giant spiders that can eat people. Not fun.

In other news, my mom has remarried. No opinion there, just sort of is. I can now be called "little red riding hood" thanks to an insane need to make a little red cloak for my self. I put eyelets in for the ribbon to go through and, more important, for the penannular brooch I bought to go through.

I've been watching Merlin and Doctor Who, Going through a mini-celtic revival, and trying to improve my sewing skills, all with varied success. Still have to make a coffee cup holder for my Step-mom and finish the scrapbook for my Dad. Everyone else is taken care of. I'm also taking up herbalism as a hobby. Nothing too serious, just to help myself a little. Especially since I'd probably die before I willingly go to a hospital. To be honest, Hospitals set every last one of my nerves on edge. It's ridiculous.

Anyway, Love to all,
Need a bigger closet

If thous didst ever hold me in thine heart...

So, I was browsing pintrest (yeah, I know, addictive place that) when I found a video for the 10th Doctor. Honestly, I prefer 9, but that's just because Eccleston was brilliant as the slightly silly soldier with PTSD. Anyway, it caught my eye and I watched it. What I found was a beautifully edited video of David Tennant's performance of the infamous "To be or not to be" soliloquy with clips from his years as the Doctor.
Beautiful as the video was though, what really got me was the soliloquy. I love that soliloquy almost more than any other single piece that Shakespeare wrote, which is sayingg something. I've heard countless renditions of this one soliloquy but this one really hit me. So many times this soliloquy is moved through fairly quickly, whereas Tennant took his time. Having heard the soliloquy, I bought the DVD of the RSC production of Hamlet with Tennant in the title role.
Yes, I bought a made for TV movie version of a Shakespearian play just for one soliloquy.
No, I am not ashamed to admit this.
Especially not in light of how amazing the entire thing was. Now, granted, I did have a few moments grumbling over things they chose to cut, but in all fairness, Hamlet in an obscenely long play. It's nearly five hours from start to finish if nothing is taken out.
The best part though, wasn't the actors, the cinematography, or even the amount of heart put into it. The best part was the way it made me think about one of my favorite plays, one forced to share top spot with Much Ado About Nothing. For the first time I really sat down and thought about the play, the characters, and what they must be going through.
A work of stage or literature is completely worthless if we cannot believe in the characters and the lives they live. If we didn't believe that Scarlet O'hara was a spoiled, stubborn, and ultimately undefeated woman, then Gone with the Wind would be worthless trash. (Twilight comes to mind. The only remotely believable characters become believable far to late to save any part of the series.)
I apologize in advanced for the ruminations to follow, but I just had to get this out of my system.
The thing is, Hamlet means a lot more to me now because I understand, to a degree, what he's going through at first.
His father has just died and already, within a month, his mother remarries, and to no less person than his uncle. Hamlet feels betrayed, but cannot say a word against it, because no one else seems to have a problem with it. His world's been turned of its head.
Now, granted, never been in that situation, but the sudden divorce of my parents, due to my mother's infidelity and insistence, is fairly close. Especially once I met the man she had cheated on my father with. Every one was shocked but few people actually seemed bothered with it, and certainly none outside of my family. When you factor in how I was raised, saying I felt a little betrayed seems like a bit of an understatement.
I'm extremely grateful that I don't understand everything he went through though. Think about it. An entire court, an entire country, and only one of his friends remains loyal to him.
Hamlet loves his mother, not in a sexual way (at least, not in my opinion), but she has, by so quickly remarrying, betrayed him. I mean, at the very beginning, Hamlet is probably about 29 years old, assuming it the play covers about a years worth of time, since he is 30 when he dies. His father died a mere two months before the play opens, meaning that Hamlet saw his parents as a loving and happy couple for 29 years. And yet, within two months, she has remarried. Think about that! Wouldn't that bother you?
More to the point, she marries Hamlet's uncle, who, even before the ghost, rather obviously dislikes Hamlet. The Hamlet finds out that Claudius killed his father. Whoopee, as if he wasn't having a hard enough time.
Then there's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Two of Hamlet's good friends, close friends, even, because why else would they have been sent for if they weren't close friends. We don't tell out secrets to our friends, we tell them to our good friends, our best friends, the people we would call if we needed to hide a body or something. They were sent for by the King and Queen to find out what is wrong with Hamlet, and when he confronts them, they don't even have the decency to be honest. It's only when they've been backed into a corner that the truth comes out.
The most tragic, I think, was Ophelia. I genuinely believe that Hamlet loved her, which is what makes it so much worse, and explains just why he's so harsh to her through out the rest of the play, following the Nunnery scene. We believe that love is though thick and thin, and here, in his darkest hour, he has been abandoned by the woman he loves. (at her father's orders. I can't decide whether Ophelia loves Hamlet and is merely weak, or if she doesn't love him. Either way, she's probably one of my least favorite characters.) He has been abandoned by her when he sees her again, she gives back the tokens of affection that he had given her. This is where it gets interesting. A lot of people think that when Hamlet tells her to "get thee to a nunnery" that he's telling her to become a whore. I think he does say that, but not at first. The first time he says z" get thee to a nunnery" I think he's warning her against the institution of marriage. As I pointed out, his parents were probably married some 29-31 years and within a month his mother remarried. He tells her that it would have been better if his mother had never ha him, that all men are "arrant knaves" and that she shouldn't believe any of them, and that she "would be a breeder of sinners". He doesn't start insulting her until after she lies to him. Some how, Hamlet realizes that someone, most likely Polonius, is watching them, so he asks her where her father is. She says that he is at home. Here he is, talking to the woman he loves, the woman he probably thought about marrying and having children with, and not only has she given back everything he gave her, but she lies to him.
Out of every person he has ever loved and trusted, only Horatio proves faithful, which is what I believe leads to the rather sappy speech Hamlet makes shortly before the duel that embarrasses himself and Horatio. After everything, he's just so insanely glad to have some one he can trust and rely on, some one who understands that he's only a little crazy, and he's only that way to stay sane.
It's like on M*A*S*H, Hawkeye says that they all have to go a little crazy sometimes or else they'd all go crazy. Hamlet's life is so chaotic, so stressful, and so deceit-filled that he has to laugh because he really would go mad if he didn't.
I also think that Gertrude, Hamlet's mother, suspected that Claudius had killed her husband, but chose to ignore it. I think she lied to herself, convinced herself that Claudius was like his brother, that he loved her the way his brother did. She knew better, but grief makes people do stupid things.(For example, my father married a bimbo and drank himself in to stupidity for a year after my mother left, thank God he wised up.) We already know that Gertrude was a loving mother to Hamlet, one because he felt so strongly betrayed by her, and two because through out the play she's trying desperately to shield him. I don't know if it was the director, the actress, or just me reading into facial expressions to much, but I love the RSC version of her death. As she goes to drink the poison, Claudius attempts (weakly) to stop her from drinking. In the movie, she looks down at the cup with this expression on her face, like she knows, she knows exactly what Claudius intended to do and she can no longer lie to herself about him. She has two option. Put the cup down, or drink. Not knowing that Leartes has a poisoned blade, she drinks, hoping to save her son from death. Mothers are like that. They'd rather walk through Hell than allow their children to come to harm.
That scene also makes me think that Claudius didn't love Gertrude as much as he may have claimed, or thought, because he let her drink the poison. He makes one weak attempt to stop her, and that's all. He may love her, but not enough to die for her, not enough to relinquish the crown for her. He could have stopped her, taken the cup from her, but that would have raised questions. Why, if it's alright for Hamlet to drink, is it not alright for the Queen to drink. When it was known that the cup was poisoned, then how did the king know if he did not have some hand in it? And, of course, if that had happened, it would have came out right then, that he had killed his brother as well. The play would certainly have had a very different ending had that happened.
Instead, Leartes wounds Hamlet, Hamlet takes the unblunted and envenomed foil and injures Leartes, Gertrude dies, and now it comes out, just what wickedness the King has created.
I loved when Hamlet yelled at the dying Claudius "Follow my Mother!" Not sure why I did, but still. We've reached the end of the play, and in the movie I have, Fortenbras does not show up other than two brief mentions, so instead, we deal exclusively with Hamlet and Horatio. Hamlet and the only friend who didn't betray him, a friend who loves him so dearly that he wants to follow Hamlet, even into the after world. It's probably the saddest part of the whole movie, and strangely, one of my favorites. So many people want to make Hamlet and Horatio's relationship more than what it was which tells me that true friendship is hard to find. Horatio is sitting there, holding his dearest friend in his arms, a friend that's dying even as they speak. And Hamlet asks one last thing of him. "If ever thou didst hold me in thy heart, absent thee from felicity awhile, and in this harsh world, draw thy breath in pain to tell my story." Live on and tell my story, Horatio. Tell them what happened to me and my family. How one man's greed killed nine people. Nine people. King Hamlet, Gertrude, Claudius, Hamlet, Polonius, Leartes, Ophelia, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern. All dead, because of greed.
In the play, Hamlet dies, and Horatio says goodbye to his dear friend, only to have to turn around and relate the tale we have just watched to Fortenbras of Norway, and the soon-to-be King of Denmark. We don't see his tell the story, because of where the play ends, but think for a moment about how hard that would have been for Horatio, to have to stand up on a platform, a stage of sorts, to deliver this tale so soon after it has ended. Rigor Mortis probably hadn't even set in to Hamlet yet.
I want so desperately to play Hamlet sometime. Granted, it's not exactly a role intended for women, being that Hamlet is a man, but I certainly would not be the first woman to play the tortured prince. I've already memorized roughly half the play if we're quite honest. I think I'd make a good Hamlet. All sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor as he was written.
Anyway, I think I've ranted enough about current favorite subject. I should have a new computer soon, so I'll hopefully be able to update more often. Till then, adieu.


P.S. I have recently learned how to sing one of the Arias from Rossini's La Cenerentola.
Una volta c'era un Re. I'm having way to much fun singing it.
P.P.S. Sorry if this post is a little odd, it's late, I'm tired, and I can't sleep. We've all been there, I'm sure.
Keep them Flying!


Yes, I know that the animal know as the possum is actually an opossum (still pronounced possum) but that is completely irrelevant because...
Okay, so, yes, he'd getting up there, yes, his voice was still hoarse from being ill. and yes, the instruments were to loud and over-powered his voice at times. It was still awesome!
George Jones is one of the few artists with slow songs that I actually like! He's fantastic! 
The best part, really, is that I went with my Granma. Seeing the Possum (as he has been nicknamed) was great, but being there with my Granma was even better. 
Love it or hate it, the music isn't nearly as important as who I went to hear it with.
Love to all,
Keep them Flying!


Oh my god! Has it really been over a year? I am sosososososo sorry! It's been over a year for several reasons. My computer died, my dad got divorced and remarried (again) we moved. work....yeah, suffice to say, it's been a busy, but rather boring year. Oh! and three funerals! If I never attend another funeral, it will be to soon.

One of these days, I will figure out why we insist on honoring lively people with depressing ceremonies. They could have been the life of the party, always laughing and cutting up, and we still have dour memorials and graveside sermons.

With that in mind, I've decreed to family and friends that, when I die, they are to throw an awesome party.

Anyway, I'm back, sort of. Still haven't fixed my computer, and the one I've been using has problems with lj, but! I will be trying to post more frequently, despite difficulties!
Alfred Hamburger


So,um...we, that is, my mother, brothers, maternal grandparents and I, went to Disney this past weekend, Disney World to be specific.
And it. was. AWESOME!
We had two days in the park, so we started with Hollywood Studios, which was fun. We loved the stunt show. Hard to decide if Indiana Jones or Lights, Motors, Action was better because they were both incredible. I did leave with an Indiana Jones fedora to add to my slowly growing hat collection, which is awesome. Also, I rode the Tower of Terror, which I've wanted to do since I saw the movie when I was 11, so that was good. I was still shaking 5 minutes later, but it's all good.
Saturday was spent at the Magic Kingdom, and I don't think I've ever laughed as much and for no reason at all. It was lots of fun, I felt like such a little kid. I mean I really did love every minute of it.
Unfortunately, my Dad is still being an Ass.....I'm beginning to think that's all he can do anymore. Apparently he's been drinking a lot and doesn't have very good self-control while under the influence. His wife is also just as bad, and frankly I think it's pathetic. I mean, I could like the woman just fine, except I know that things aren't even remotely as good as they make it seem, and they both drink excessively. Also, Dad's @*#%#% about the money he pays mom, never mind that our budget is tight, and he's trying to cut my pay. Did I mention that I get my brothers onto the bus every morning and off of the bus every afternoon along with getting them started on homework while mom's still at work? And that I get paid for it? I mean,as it is, he only pays half of what I get, plus the total cost is less than half of what it would be if they went to day care. Suffice to say he's being a real shmuck. I have to spend the weekend up there, joy. (feel the sarcasm).
I don't think he gets it, but oh well, I really don't care.
Love to all,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
I've watched the parade, eaten turkey and the trimmings, cat napped until being dragged outside for family photos, watched The Muppet Christmas Carol, and am about to read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens! The holiday season has begun!
Please take time to think of our brave men and women serving our country, many of whom are unable to spend this holiday season with their families. As a military B*R*A*T, I know how hard the holidays can be when loved ones are deployed. Also, please remember the local heroes. The firefighters, the police, and many many more.
I hope you all enjoy your holidays as much as I enjoy mine.
Love to all,