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Um....what's with the cobwebs?

I thought I was going to be on more often!! Ah, but no such luck! *sighs*
So, we've finally finished updating equipment....I'm still not sure why we were updating to begin with, everything was still pretty new, but...I guess it just makes it harder for people to blame it on crappy equipment.
A very happy Turkey day (a day late, no, two days, sorry! it's 12:30 here) to everyone! While many people were braving the mob of Black friday shoppers, I went to see the new Christmas Carol movie in 3-D, and let me tell you, good 3-D glasses make things much better than those cheap paper things! Also, I'm disapointed with myself! I didn't figure out which character was voiced by Gary Oldman until the end of the movie! Bad Psychic!! Bad! No Figgy Pudding for you! (at least, not until you actually make some!)
I plan on making a more or less traditional Christmas dinner this year. Maybe do chicken instead of goose or something, I don't know. I hear roasted goose is one of the finner things to eat, flavor wise.
Hmm...not much to talk about. I finally got Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992 Francis Ford Coppala. Or is it Copalla?) and I made a skirt, a petticoat (that looks terrible!, but does it's job), and a mini top hat for Christmas. I plan on doing another for Easter, St. Patrick's, the 4th, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I just couldn't find any fabric that I liked, that I was willing to pay for. I've also got to start work on next years Halloween costume. I'm going as the Queen of Hearts.
So, for Halloween, here's my plan for the next few years...
Queen of Hearts....2010
Opera Muse.....2011
Pocessed Doll/Puppet.....2012
And that's all I've got thus far.
Do I go a little over bored with Halloween? Maybe just a little?
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