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So,um...we, that is, my mother, brothers, maternal grandparents and I, went to Disney this past weekend, Disney World to be specific.
And it. was. AWESOME!
We had two days in the park, so we started with Hollywood Studios, which was fun. We loved the stunt show. Hard to decide if Indiana Jones or Lights, Motors, Action was better because they were both incredible. I did leave with an Indiana Jones fedora to add to my slowly growing hat collection, which is awesome. Also, I rode the Tower of Terror, which I've wanted to do since I saw the movie when I was 11, so that was good. I was still shaking 5 minutes later, but it's all good.
Saturday was spent at the Magic Kingdom, and I don't think I've ever laughed as much and for no reason at all. It was lots of fun, I felt like such a little kid. I mean I really did love every minute of it.
Unfortunately, my Dad is still being an Ass.....I'm beginning to think that's all he can do anymore. Apparently he's been drinking a lot and doesn't have very good self-control while under the influence. His wife is also just as bad, and frankly I think it's pathetic. I mean, I could like the woman just fine, except I know that things aren't even remotely as good as they make it seem, and they both drink excessively. Also, Dad's @*#%#% about the money he pays mom, never mind that our budget is tight, and he's trying to cut my pay. Did I mention that I get my brothers onto the bus every morning and off of the bus every afternoon along with getting them started on homework while mom's still at work? And that I get paid for it? I mean,as it is, he only pays half of what I get, plus the total cost is less than half of what it would be if they went to day care. Suffice to say he's being a real shmuck. I have to spend the weekend up there, joy. (feel the sarcasm).
I don't think he gets it, but oh well, I really don't care.
Love to all,
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