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Oh my god! Has it really been over a year? I am sosososososo sorry! It's been over a year for several reasons. My computer died, my dad got divorced and remarried (again) we moved. work....yeah, suffice to say, it's been a busy, but rather boring year. Oh! and three funerals! If I never attend another funeral, it will be to soon.

One of these days, I will figure out why we insist on honoring lively people with depressing ceremonies. They could have been the life of the party, always laughing and cutting up, and we still have dour memorials and graveside sermons.

With that in mind, I've decreed to family and friends that, when I die, they are to throw an awesome party.

Anyway, I'm back, sort of. Still haven't fixed my computer, and the one I've been using has problems with lj, but! I will be trying to post more frequently, despite difficulties!
Tags: cobwebs, family, hello, life

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