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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

First things first....Peter Jackson, you are a cruel, cruel man. You take a trilogy (which is technically six books, and intended to be published as 1 book) and make three movies. You take one book, which was only ever one small book, and make three movies. Need I say more?

Whining about Jackson's decision to make the Hobbit a trilogy aside, the movie was good. Martin Freeman was fantastic as Bilbo, absolutely fantastic. I adored his expressions and mannerism, especially when during Riddles in the Dark. Seriously, the expression on his face when Gollum says he's going to eat Bilbo if he loses the riddle game is great and I love the very dead-pan way he responds.

Problems? Oh yeah, a few. They added all sorts of things that weren't needed. Granted, they're turning a single book into three movies, but that doesn't make it any less true. Also, spiders....was not expecting to see them until the next movie.
Technically, you don't see them fully, but it was still freaky. I hate spiders. Tolkien helped me deal with this fear not at all. The man seems to have had some horrible preoccupation with giant spiders that can eat people. Not fun.

In other news, my mom has remarried. No opinion there, just sort of is. I can now be called "little red riding hood" thanks to an insane need to make a little red cloak for my self. I put eyelets in for the ribbon to go through and, more important, for the penannular brooch I bought to go through.

I've been watching Merlin and Doctor Who, Going through a mini-celtic revival, and trying to improve my sewing skills, all with varied success. Still have to make a coffee cup holder for my Step-mom and finish the scrapbook for my Dad. Everyone else is taken care of. I'm also taking up herbalism as a hobby. Nothing too serious, just to help myself a little. Especially since I'd probably die before I willingly go to a hospital. To be honest, Hospitals set every last one of my nerves on edge. It's ridiculous.

Anyway, Love to all,
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