psychicotaku182 (psychicotaku182) wrote,

Not this time....

No. Absolutely not! I will smack you both if you do this to me again!

So, my mother, now married all of three months is already experiencing marital problems. This is in some ways normal. Expected even. But I'm dead serious when I say that if they get a divorce, I'm gone.

Let me just be honest here, I've only just gotten over the crap I was put through when she and my dad got divorced. Once upon a time, I was a fairly nice, polite individual with only occasional out-burst of sarcasm. Now? I'm a cynical, sarcastic bitch with eyebrows that may as well be permanently tattooed into high arches that show my disdain.

I've gotten a bit better though, so all joking aside, I actually feel as though I have accomplished something here in regards to my parents.

But I'm not doing this again.




I've already talked to my Granma. I can live with her. And my Dad? He'd love for me to come out there. Plus, I really wouldn't mind taking on more hours in order to be able to afford my own place. I have options. Lots of Americans have worked multiple jobs and gone to school, many them with spouses and children. How hard could it be to do it while single and childless? Do I want to do that? Of course not.

But I will. I'd sooner try to shave my legs with broken glass than go through that crap again.

In other news, my sister wants me to come up for her birthday and to go see a Broadway production of the Phantom of the Opera with her. I've already decided to talk to my boss about it, and to start setting aside money for the trip. With any luck, I'll be able to make it. I really want to go, more to see her than anything else, much as I love The Phantom.

Also, I plan on start Culinary courses at my local tech college. If nothing else, it's a marketable skill. Actually, I kind of want to open a real European style bakery in my area. I miss the cakes we used to get in Germany, with the cream and the fruit and the marzipan and chocolate....
And the pretzel. Screw Annie's! German pretzels are fantastic, especially with butter and butter-kasse, or butter cheese. It's amazing.

God I miss that!

Anyway, with all of my thought off my chest, I'm going to say thank you, one and all, for actually putting up with me.

Tags: family, germany, life, opera, phantom

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