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There is nothing either Good or Bad but thinking makes it so....

So. First things first, I guess.
My sister is dating a guy that I'm pretty sure is playing with her. Of course, I don't have any real proof. Sinking feelings in one's stomach hardly count, nor does the fact that he find pick-up artists fascinating. Creepy as that is, it's not really proof.
Guess I should explain.
My sister, who isn't actually related to me at all, in any form or fashion, tends to date assholes. Well, technically she dates people she'd be friends with, but as most of her friends are sarcastic jerks, well....suffice to say my description fits well.
Up until roughly a month ago, she was dating this guy that I'll call Bottom (like the character from A Midsummer's Night's Dream). Not a bad guy, but a bit of an idiot, and like a lot of guys, when he was upset he would emotionally withdraw. This left the door open for her new Boyfriend, whom I shall refer to as Wickham, to make a move.
Now, please keep in mind that I consider both men to be friends.
Apparently Wickham moved in with my sister (who shall be named Hero, after the Character from Much Ado About Nothing) and her family because there was no work where he lived. Bottom says that Wickham lived within drive distance of four decent sized cities and made the move maliciously in order to steal fair Hero.
Regardless of the validity of this statement, the end result is clear.
She and Bottom are no longer dating, instead, she is now dating good sir Wickham.
Despite the fact that this has all come to pass, Bottom is still quite besotted and believes that she will end up hurt. The two continue to beat their chest and roar at each other over her and frankly it's annoying.
Of course, I am loathe to accept the words of either man as to the other's behavior. They're both idiots and I have no desire to be dragged into this. While I may consider them friends, Hero is my sister, and they are both replaceable.
What worries me is Wickham. I know, at the moment, that she's happy. But they've been dating for a short time, and loathe though I am to point it out, every time she begins to date someone new, she swears that she's never been treated so well, and she's so happy. To be honest, I don't think Hero really knows how to just be Hero, without being in a relationship. She's a sweet girl, and very attractive, and thus is never single long. None-the-less, Wickham has made comments that....bother me.
For example, when I pointed out the neanderthal fight between himself and Bottom, he said, "I already won that game. And I always will win" He's expressed a great deal of interest in pick-up artists, and honestly he creeps me out a little.
It's amazing that there are people that I can be friends with, who creep me out, but there you have it.
The source of my discomfort comes from the fact that, in spite of the fact that I live over 9 hours away (by train) he attempted to pursue a relationship.....never mind the fact that we had only known each other for all of two days. He told me he'd never felt this way about any one before.
I suppose it's also important to mention that, several years back, he lost his girlfriend in an accident (which he himself was also in). He told me all about it within hours of meeting. He mentions it constantly. I know it had to have been traumatic, but he brought it up constantly! At least three times the day we met, and thanks to when my train came in, that was only a 12 hour period. Four times the next day, possibly five, and 3 the day I left. He brought her, and past sexual relations (wtf?!) up several times in text conversations. After two or three weeks of texting, I think he finally got the message that I wasn't interested in ever finding out whether there was any hope for "us" (Til God make men of some other metal than earth, I'll none.) and gave up flirting. Thank God, he's much more entertaining now....or he was until he started dating Hero. Now he's just pushing my buttons. And the bastard knows it too.
Meanwhile Bottom says he is trying to better himself. When he's not pursuing that agenda, he's doing idiotic things, like drinking too much, and just generally making an ass of himself in front of darling Hero.

Truth be told, I never like the people she dates. As people, they're fine, and they aren't half bad as friends, but as I said, her friends are all sarcastic jerks, so too are her boyfriends.
Honestly, I don't think it's too much to ask for her to find a Mr. Bingley. You know, some one nice, like her. Some one who's actually a good person. Maybe some one more like Priestly, from Ten Inch Hero. A little crazy, but sweet. A good guy. Some one who will actually treat her properly. I know she's not perfect, but her faults tend to be the better ones that people can have. She's a bit of a slob, and spends entirely too much money on other people, she's constantly taking in strays, and she forgets things a lot, and if it isn't physically attached to her there's a good chance she'll lose it, but she's a good person. Is it too much to ask for her boyfriend to be one as well?

That aside, I'm officially enrolled in the local technical college. I need to follow up with Financial aid about some paperwork next week, and buy, or rent, the text books for my classes, but beyond that....
I'm not exactly thrilled. To be honest, I hate how important these degrees are. If you want even a half-way decent job you have to have a degree, but I've met people with Bachelor and Master degrees and absolutely no common sense. They have no idea how to do their job, their nothing more than highly-educated idiots! And that's a horribly mean thing to say but it's the honest truth! For all their education, they're still idiots. It's like ACTs and SATs. A person can do great on those and still be dumb as dirt. Or they can do abysmal and yet still be highly intelligent. I don't understand why people put so much emphasis on something that's been proven to be a poor indicator of intelligence. That said there's a lot I don't understand.
I don't understand why people believe what they read, but only if it fits their pre-conceived notions (most of which are formed by things they've read that may or may not be true). I don't understand why people have to be pigeon-holed into categories, and sub-categories. (Christian, Methodist/Baptist/Episcopal as an example). And I certainly don't understand why people have to be offended by everything! I've seen women get offended because a man won't hold the door open, I've seen women get offended is a man does hold a door open, I've seen people get offended because of a joke some one told, or the way some one looks at them. Mean while, I'm just trying to figure out what the big deal is! Are they really that childish? Personally, I find it offensive that there are people willing to pander to these offended individuals because it's pathetic! You're offended that some one didn't hold the door open? Then be a better person and hold it open for some one else. You're offended that they did hold it open, get over it. It's not that they don't think you can open it yourself, it's because they actually have good manners. They'd probably hold that door open for a guy too. Didn't like the joke? Say so, and move on. And some one looked at you the wrong way? Seriously? what makes you so sure they're looking at you and not, say, off in their own little world?

And then, there's me. Happy in my life, but in need of a good rant now and then. I can't thank you all enough for putting up with it. I'm currently in the process of re-organizing my belongings (no small task, I tell you) and getting rid of clothes I don't wear any more. My birthday's coming up soon. I hope to spend it with my family on a beach somewhere. With pie instead of cake. and really good cheese burgers.

I hope you all are having good lives. That Fate has been kind to you and yours.
Love to all,
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