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So, I've been watching Supernatural for a year or so now, I started all the way back at the beginning, and to be honest, I haven't completely caught up, but....hey! No big!
Anywho, thing is, I really like this show. Like, really love it.

The Fandom?, so-so.

Why is that, you may ask?

Because if you are a Dean-girl or a Sam-girl, typically (not always, but for the most part) your point of view is highly skewed in favor of your preferred brother.

Now, see, here's the thing. Both guys are great character's with top notch actors who do a really great job at making their characters real. Unfortunately, according to the fandom, one is "more human" or "too-perfect" or whatever ever other reason they have to prefer one to the other, that, frankly come down to one thing.

The way they relate to the character....or sex-appeal, but I'd like to think that people aren't that annoyingly shallow.

Look, simple fact is, I'm guilty of it sometimes to, mainly because I feel the need to constantly defend Dean from Sam-girls. Why? Because I understand Dean. I'm the oldest child, and I've always tried to take care of my brothers. Thankfully, I'm no where near as emotionally dependent on my family as Dean is, because as much as I love them, and I know they love me, they'd rip me to piece in a heart beat. They wouldn't mean to, but that's just the way life works. But like I said, I understand Dean. I understand his personality, his (poorly) hidden self-esteem issues, the way he enjoys simple things like food, sex, and magic-finger beds. I get this, and I hate when people want to paint Sam as the poor misunderstood puppy dog, and Dean as the selfish-egocentric misogynist. It's annoying.
Is Dean perfect? Hell no! He doesn't handle his emotions well, he's trigger happy, he does sleep around a lot, and he's so dependent on his family that I seriously hope, for his own sake, that he dies before Sam does.
With all that said, he's still a good guy, who's been through a lot, and grown a lot, and is very human.

And Sam? To be honest, I don't understand Sam. He's supposed to be the smart one, but he's obsessed with an illusion (normalcy) and despite bitching for three seasons about John Winchester and how crappy his childhood was, he turns around and craps all over his relationship with his brother in season 4 for the same reason John "ruins" his childhood. What reason is that? Revenge. Sam's a smart guy, in fact, he's widely regarded, in the show, as the "smart one" and yet he chooses to trust a demon?
Okay, look, I learned three things about demons in season 1 and Sam has supposedly been exposed to this stuff since he was nine, okay. There's no excuse for him not knowing that

1.Demons lie
2.Demons tell just enough truth for the lie to be believable and
3.Demons never do anything unless there is something in it for them.

Seriously, it's not rocket science. And yeah, I'm pretty sure that Meg was an exception, but dude, she said it herself, being sort of good just sucked. She probably had some big evil scheme up her sleeves and then found that she really liked her unicorn. But that's not the point here. The point is, yeah, I like Sam, and I hate when people mindlessly bash him, but I don't really have an over-flowing of sympathy for the guy.

To be completely honest, as much as I would like for there to be an episode where Sam actually realizes who his brother is under the swaggering and BSing, I don't think it's even possible for an episode like that to exist. I mean, no matter what happens, Sam will never be able to really understand what his brother's been through, and vice versa. Why? Well, because they are very different people with very different views and experiences.

Now, to be fair, I don't think Dean does a stellar job of connecting with Sam either, but at the same time, I give him points for knowing what Sam needs, even if he doesn't always understand it. Trust me, the two are not mutually inclusive. I speak from personal experience here. The simple fact is, we all watch this show because of Sam-and-Dean, not Sam, not Dean, Sam and Dean. Together. Seriously. The show is better when it's both of them, and not Soulless!Sam, either. Sammy. And btw, I get that Sam want's to be "Sam" and not "Sammy" but dude, no matter what, Dean is always going to see "my little brother, Sammy" when he looks at Samsquatch, and not "Sam, big and tall" or "Sam, normal (yet freakishly tall) guy", or even "Sam, hunter/geek". My little brother is taller than me. He's still "my little brother" and when he finally tops out (I'm counting on the little bastard hitting 6'4") he'll still be "my little brother". My other little brother is still shorter than me. I figure he'll start growing like a weed in two to three years. When he get's taller than me (please make 6', please make 6') and is built like a damn tank (he's stocky, and I mean, literally, he's not fat, he's got a small, evenly proportioned frame that, when he gets older and loses the softness that kids have, he will be shoe-in for linebacker) he will still be "my little brother". It's a big sister thing. I held your squalling body, I've cleaned up after you (insert mess here), I've tied shoes, held jeans, helped with home work, teased, and occasionally (read, really good days) I've lounged on the couch eating junk and watching crap telly with you. You are my little brothers, and even when you aren't little physically, it still won't matter. Part of me will always look at you and see a cute, chubby little kid with big eyes that liked stealing my food for some unknown reason. (actually, they still do that, little mooches!)
So yeah, I think Sam should just except the inevitable and learn to live with it. It sucks for him, I'm sure, but it's a fact he really doesn't want to change because if it does, it will mean that Dean doesn't care anymore.

Which, btw, am I the only one who felt that Dean telling Sam that if he left, not to come back in season 4 was actually him saying "I can't keep doing this, it hurts, and I can't take anymore"? Because everyone is pissed off at Dean about "doing what John did" and yeah, given what happened it was a crappy choice, but still. I just saw it as Dean finally reaching that point where he just couldn't do it any more. Sam kept walking out, kept choosing Ruby, kept lying to Dean and hurting him, and Dean just kept trying to help him, while still trying to recover from being in Hell and honestly, it seemed to me like he just gave up there. I'm not saying the wording, or the decision was right, but I do think it's understandable. But maybe that's just because I'm a "dean girl"

Actually, I personally consider myself to be a Bobby-girl....because somebody needs to be there to smack them upside the head for being "idjits!".

Love to all,
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