Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!
Okay, so I have my day planned out, and yes, I know, tomorrow is Halloween, but all the trick-r-treating and all is happening tonight here so.....
I personally plan on eating junk food and watching kiddie Halloween themed movies, because while I'm a Ghost Hunter.....I'm also chicken when it comes to horror movies.
Yeah, I know, it's a little embarrassing. 
I like the Exorcist though!
But yeah, so I'll be sitting at home,in my female Captain America costume, eating junk food and watching movies, handing out pretzels, and dancing around like a lunatic to the music on my iPod.
In other news, my dad is having marital issues with his new wife, big surprise there. Oh! And I'm not sure if I really like my boyfriend. I hate long distance relationships. He and I are good friends, but boyfriend/girlfriend? not so sure. Especially when he doesn't listen to me. It t's me off and I'm not nice when angry.
Aside from that, not much is going on. Hetalia Day was a huge success. I was thrilled to realize just how many people in my area like Hetalia. 
Love to all,
Need a bigger closet


Has it really been almost three months since my last post? I can hardly believe it.
So I went to D.C. and the Restoring Honor rally. Real quick, let me say that I am not conservative, I'm libertarian, meaning I think the government needs to butt it's nose out of pretty much everything. Heaven's knows they mess up all sorts of things they shouldn't even mess with.
It was a great trip, though my feet did not like me much after that. I came home, $500 poorer, with aching feet, and a hockey stick, which in and of itself made everything worth it.
I have planned a Hetalia Day get together in Savannah on the 24th. Meeting up with everyone at Forsyth Park. Does anyone have any suggestions on things that I can do to make it fantastic? Should I try to reserve a place, or get a permit or something? Should I have special activities planned? This is the first time I've ever done anything like this, so I'm a little out of my comfort zone.
I've been busy trying to put my new room in order. I need to get a frame for my Inglorious Basterds poster, and maybe some paint for a stencil or something. I'm in no rush though, I've dealt with white walls all my life after all.
Halloween is fast approaching. I didn't make my costume this year, as I'm going as a female version of Captain America, but since I made my PunkRock!Igiko cosplay, I'm not to worried.
I have a million and one craft projects in the works, as always. Including a scarf for my sister's Dad, a Nightmare Before Christmas themed outfit (painted shoes and pants), a kitsune costume, Gothic lolita, and maybe some curtains.
Speaking of Gothic Lolita, am I the only person who thinks that it occasionally goes over-board with the frills, bows, and lace? Often times I'll see an outfit and think "It's nice, but I'd like it better without that bow/frill/lace/etc..."
I bought a bento box, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm hoping it gets here before Hetalia Day, I'd like to make a bento box for that day.
Anyway, I'll try to remember to post more often. Feel free to poke me if I'm gone too long.

Keep them Flying!

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life....


And I'm feeling....Good.

Certainly good enough to be a dork and use a Micheal Buble song for the title.

It's been, what? 3 to 6 months since my last update? Actually, it's probably been about 8 months. *sighs* Lord, what an 8 months it has been.
As of August 12, my parents are now divorced, and as of August 13, my Dad is engaged. Lovely. I personaly give the marriage 6 months, 3 years max. Mom is kinder, she says 7 years.
In the past 8 months, give or take, I have completed my driver's ed course, still haven't taken the final test, but I'm in no rush, especially as I do not have a car at the moment. I still need to get the Car down here, so I can learn how to drive a stick shift.... what fun.
Dad wants to trade it in after I have learned to drive it, and get a truck with a low payment for me. Personally, I'd rather sell it and buy a used truck. It seems far more cost-effective.
I also went North, to Maryland, to vist my sister. We spent a day in New Jersey with her father, who is totally awesome, and then she came to Georgia with me.  I'm heading back up on Saturday and we'll be spending 3 days in Washington D.C.
My puppy, a year old Hound named Hunley, is going to a new home. I'm understandably heartbroken, but I'm happy that he'll have a new home where he isn't always on a chain or in the kennel. He's a very active dog, and I simply can't keep him....even though I'd like to.
Along with a new Step-mother comes a little I'm still upset with my father over the $400 dog he bought her for her birthday, that she brought along with us. As I mentioned, I'm getting rid of my dog, due to his high-energy and size.  He bought her a Shiz-tsu....or as I've taken to calling it, a $400 rat.
Yes, I am upset over that.
Hetalia! I happily corrupted my sister to Hetalia during her visit, and hope to find other Hetalians in my area soon. October 24th is Hetalia day. I'm going to try to put together something at Forsythe. If I can manage, that is.
I attempted pan-frying today, with Pirozhki, a Russian stuffed dumpling of sorts. I haven't tried them yet, but the filling tasted good, and I didn't burn them, or for that matter, undercook them.
I'll update again when I know what's going on with Hetalia Day, and maybe the new life that is stretching out before me, will be very bright.
Love to all.
So not a morning person

Please support our rights!

Please support our right to self defence! At the age of 18, citizens of the US are considered legal adults, but they cannot own concealed carry permits or firearms licences! Not only is this unconstitutional based on the second amendment, but it's also dangerous. 18 year olds are in a high risk age bracket for rape, murder, theft, and kidnappings! By denying them their right to carry a weapon, you allow them to become targets!
If you support our right to self defence, please sign this petition and pass it on to others!
Thank you.
Keep them Flying!


Staggers, stumbles, collapses. I'm just going to lay here and die, thank you.
*whimpers* this has been a couple of  $#!^^% past  few months. First of all, prior to my last few post actually, my parents began having marital issues....that have spiraled into a non-official seperation. Mom has moved in with her parents while she tries to get a job (not going to well) so she can get an appartment. Add in school, work, my Papa's cancer coming back, and college (that I'm severly stressing over because I have no clue WHAT I want to do!) and we have a craptastic past few months that really makes me wish I was old enough to legally consume alchol in the US. Oh, and did I mention that I finally broke down and learned how to drive?'s been fun man. I nearly took out a stop sign with my Dad's stick-shift. It sucks. I mainly just drive this little blue automatic truck. Nice, not to much power, but enough to get up and go.
So yeah, craptastic few months here. I did make Christmas dinner. (I'll try to post photo's later) The menue was baked rosemary pepper chicken breasts, garlic-butter mashed potatoes, a raw cranberry sauce, apple-wood smoked bacon (cumbled into bits and served with the cranberry sause on top of the chicken), and a mixed salad topped with an herb dressing. All in all, it was quite tasty. Um, Christmas itself wasn't terrible.....would've been better without the tension from my parents. Honestly, as soon as I get the chance, I'm saying to #&() with this! and just staying out of it. I'm sick of feeling like a @&$^# yo-yo. And yes, I am censoring my post, I'm not in the mood to type out cuss-words right now. (with BLOODY HELL! being the only exception)
I'm going to the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum tomorrow.....looking forward to it. I want to fly! Of course, there's this voice in the back of my head screaming "Oh no! You won't willing learn to drive a little 1 ton car that doesn't do more the 120mph but you want to learn to FLY!!! a 3-4 TON AIRCRAFT that goes an upward of 63,000MPH (or something like that?) at 20,000+ FEET! ARE YOU INSANE?!?!?!" To which I generally reply "Yep!". So, yeah. I've been thinking about getting a degree in American History and Economics, entering the Air Force as an officer, flying cargo, and then getting out and flying commercial. But it's just a thought. I'm not even sure I CAN FLY for the Air Force. My Mom couldn't (she was too short). And I'm shorter than she is! (by 3/16 of an inch, but it's enough).
*sigh* Oh well. Maybe things will get better? *thunder cracks omniously in the background* then again....maybe not.
Pray for me (or wish me luck, whichever!)
From your exhausted friend,
P.S. Axis Powers Hetalia is AWSOME!!!

Um....what's with the cobwebs?

I thought I was going to be on more often!! Ah, but no such luck! *sighs*
So, we've finally finished updating equipment....I'm still not sure why we were updating to begin with, everything was still pretty new, but...I guess it just makes it harder for people to blame it on crappy equipment.
A very happy Turkey day (a day late, no, two days, sorry! it's 12:30 here) to everyone! While many people were braving the mob of Black friday shoppers, I went to see the new Christmas Carol movie in 3-D, and let me tell you, good 3-D glasses make things much better than those cheap paper things! Also, I'm disapointed with myself! I didn't figure out which character was voiced by Gary Oldman until the end of the movie! Bad Psychic!! Bad! No Figgy Pudding for you! (at least, not until you actually make some!)
I plan on making a more or less traditional Christmas dinner this year. Maybe do chicken instead of goose or something, I don't know. I hear roasted goose is one of the finner things to eat, flavor wise.
Hmm...not much to talk about. I finally got Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992 Francis Ford Coppala. Or is it Copalla?) and I made a skirt, a petticoat (that looks terrible!, but does it's job), and a mini top hat for Christmas. I plan on doing another for Easter, St. Patrick's, the 4th, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I just couldn't find any fabric that I liked, that I was willing to pay for. I've also got to start work on next years Halloween costume. I'm going as the Queen of Hearts.
So, for Halloween, here's my plan for the next few years...
Queen of Hearts....2010
Opera Muse.....2011
Pocessed Doll/Puppet.....2012
And that's all I've got thus far.
Do I go a little over bored with Halloween? Maybe just a little?
So not a morning person

So tired...

*yawns* Long day....very long day, made even longer be the long days prior. It's my curse to have gotten both my mother's night-owl tendencies, and my father's early-bird tendencies...I'm so screwed. So, basically, in the end, I have this odd not-quite-insomnia problem. Oi ve.
Still updating and upgrading equipment....I have no clue what half this stuff is (as far as brand and model goes, that is) All I know is that the next few weeks will be spent learning how to work the new stuff. You'd be surprised how much there is to learn, even if the camera was made by the same people who made the last one. It sucks.
On my friday....I went to bed a 2am. I know, why would I do that? Simple, the web-cams were awful, my computer was being stupid, I was sleepy, and I ran out of soda. I still enjoyed it, or rather, I still enjoyed my friday. I spent the night chatting with my partner in crime, drinking soda, eating pocky, and listening to Mozart, while watching crummy web-cams that you could really zoom in on and when you did it became rather pixilated and even harder to see. I missed everything to, if the comments on the video chat were anything to go by, which stinks, but oh well.
I'm thinking about going to Cambridge for their Parapsychology under-graduate program. (It really does exist!!!) I'm mainly just admin, secretary, and gofur anyway. You know Mai's job? Yeah, that's really very boring. I think I've seen maybe one or two weird things. Okay, so, I've gone on a few investigation and done some actual ghost hunting, but for the most part, my job is a bizaare mix between Mai's job, Yasuhara's job, and Lin's job watching moniters. (why he hasn't died of bordem, the world may never know)
Is anybody here Catholic? I'm thinking about looking into it, but I really don't know enough about the religeon to decide if I even want to check it out more. Oh well.
Night all,
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(no subject)

Okay, so I'm a crazy loon....what else is new? (note the sarcasm). I'm off today, tomorrow and sunday. Well, kinda. I'm working from home. We're looking to update our equipment some, and I have the coveted (NOT!) job of combing the internet to see if I can find any new (as in, not yet used by our lab) least I can look from the comfort of my own home. It will be a long, long day.
That aside, I'm doing something that's just plain weird (for me)...Ghost Adventures (from the Travel Channel) is doing a live 7 hour lockdown tonight starting at 10pm. I will be joining from my computer. You might think that I get enough ghosts with my job, but to be honest, we don't take cases in which we are locked inside former insane Asylums....I personally think these guys are treading that fine line between courage and stupidity. They will be locked inside the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum which was opened from 1864 to 1994. Watching some of the preliminary stuff they did, the research aspect and stuff, was sickening. The things they did to the people who were locked up in there were just awful!
So, anyway, oh! Speaking of Halloween...
Collapse )I think it turned out rather well for a home-made costume...
I also made a mini-top hat. I found a tutorial on Youtube. It cost about $2, give or take, to make it.Collapse )
So yeah, I'm quite pleased. Of course, it's not even close to being perfect, but I think I did rather well for a first attempt.
Off the subject of Halloween, I got around to watching L'italiana in Algeri. I have to admit, I really love Rossini's work. As a fan of Comedy his operas tend to be some of my favorites. Also, I'm making a Ghost Hunt AMV for Christmas. Why am I starting so soon? Because I heard some one humming "Mr. Scrooge" from The Muppet Christmas Carol, and I thought of Naru-chan! (I am so bad.)
I'm also working on another LinxMai amv....(Kyia-san, I'm send Charlie back, express mail delivery. Try to keep him away from me.) Between plot bunnies, Cheshire Cats, and time is gone. Gone I tell ya!! GONE!!
Ah, what a life...
Now where'd I put the ramen?
Lambswool and candy,

Keep them Flying!

Black Butlers, Vampires, and Witches, OH MY!!

Yes, I'm still alive! In fact, I'm in perfect health at the moment, and perfectly calm while everyone else seems to be running around like chickens that have lost their head over the Swine Flu....
I finished my costume and will post pictures ASAP. The costume consists of bloomers, waist-length chemise, and those odd mushroom caps that people used to wear to bed (no idea what they're called) I made ears and a tail which are attached via safety pins, and then there are white tights and a pair of old low-top sneakers that were covered with pink and blue tie-dye duck tape. I'm hoping to add some fingerless white gloves, but they're not a priority.
I'm going to make a petticoat next (as well as another pair of bloomer, they're fun to wear and really comfy around the house). I'm also going to try my hands at screen printing, make some more necklaces, finish off the two scarfs that I'm working on, and see if I can't finally learn to use double pointed knitting needles! While I'm at it, let's make taiyaki (only I don't have the pan, so we'll make them in an Abelskevers (sp?) pan), Onigiri, and Takoyaki! (TAKOYAKI!!!)
Adding itself to my schedule (and without so much as a by you leave) is anime! My old anime/manga obsessions: Angelic Layer and CLAMP School Detectives, and my new ones: Ghost Hunt (still haven't gotten all the manga vols.) and Kuroshitsuji. Throw in Twilight (only because of the love story, I mean, really, sparkling vampires? Oh, and Jasper, I like Jasper) and my usual Harry Potter obsession....where does my time go?
Somehow, happily, I still find time to chat with my wonderful boyfriend despite all this (and any insanity on his end as well). He's like...6'2" or so, compared to my 5'  maybe 2 1/2 inches, if I'm lucky. It's quite a difference. He's a great guy. Really friendly and just as crazy as I am, a plus!
Finally, my job...
It's Halloween season again, and though I love my job, there are literally a thousand idiots that think their house( or the one next door, or their car, or, Lord Help me, their Dog's house!) is haunted. It's a bit much. Now, mind you, I do enjoy my job, but it can be a little tedious (Remember Mai, sitting in the Base in Ghost Hunt, only, I'm not all. I'm like the Yasuhara of my workplace, only I'm female, and not the Valedictorian. I was to busy with my million and one craft projects to be anything more than an A/B student.)
So, yeah, that's really all there is right now. Oddly enough though, I should actually be able to get on more...despite everything I have (or want) to do, I should have time to get on at least twice a!
Tea and cookies,
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(no subject)

Okay, so I'm on because I'm bored( granted I could be doing other things but....) and I just had to do something.

You know, I'm always one of those people who starts planning their Halloween costume months in advance, but this is a new record for me. I'm working on this years (no surprise there) and next years. See, I wasn't sure, do I want to go as the Cheshire Cat, or as the Queen of Hearts, and I just couldn't decide. So I said, what the heck, let's do both! I'll do the Cat this year, and the Queen next year.

My Grandmother's in the hospital now. She's having emergency surgery. Apparently they were trying to open her colon up, and instead they ripped her colon, sooo, yeah. Again, not sure how to handle this. My mom is headed down there now while I watch my brother. She'll probably be down there all week. I know she feels really bad about it, I mean, she apologized for the fact that I keep getting thrown into these situations, where it's my job to keep the house running at least somewhat smoothly while she's down there at the hospital with which ever one of her parents isn't being looked at by the doctors.

I've started making necklaces. I made one for my friend and I just finished another one that I made just because I had the beads. I'm also working on my portfolio and looking into summer camps in the area for drama, or something ...Not really sure what I want.

I've been trying to find out more about the historical Celtic celebration of Mid-summer's, but all I can find really is Wicca stuff, only some of which has been useful. It was the same when looking for Yule and Samhian (did I spell that right?) It's actually a little irritating. My family has an Irish/English background (with a little German, and Native American thrown in for good measure) so the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons, the Germans, Normans, Vikings, and Scots (because we have some of that to I think) are all really important to me, and are a subject of huge interest. And While I know that the Druids and Wiccans have Celtic and Germanic backgrounds (to a degree, Druids more than Wiccan  but...) it's really not what I'm looking for. Though as I've said, it has helped some.

Anyway, that's about it for now, I'll probably be on again in the next few weeks, maybe.
Tchus! (Bye)